Sunday, January 31, 2016

Solar power technology

The 3 critical pillars for the rapid adoption of any new technology, are knowledge, love and power. Photovoltaics is no exception and therefore, if we want to accelerate their adoption and cross the dreaded "abyss" that separates a "early adoption" stage and reach the phase of 'massive adoption', we have much work which make terms of: know: until the majority of the population know enough about the photovoltaic technology and the many benefits provided by the use of solar panels to produce energy , as well as the use of batteries to accumulate and manage efficiently their consumption, we will not accelerate its adoption.

Reality, today, when we asked outsiders to the sector, is that they do not have much information, or what is worse, It has been transmitted to the idea that the installation of solar panels is, well solidarity with the rest of Internet users, or even illegal. Education and information honestly and objectively, is essential to accelerate this change.

 Love: that accelerates a change of mentality in the user in relation to the acquisition and use of a new technology, it has to be the will of the individual, something that may seem obvious, but that does not always produce when it comes to consumption.

When the great social mass is not aware of the advantages that can be obtained, hardly develop a desire to acquire and use this technology. If in addition, a level regulatory and legislative you put obstacles, the end user will fades almost instantly.

Want to, also has to do with the willingness of Governments and its reflection in terms of energy policy, oriented - or not, as in the case of Spain – to encourage the development of a distributed generation model, based on consumption.

Power: Finally, and although it might be too obvious, the massive adoption of any new technology, does not occur until the price of it does not descend to levels where the great social mass can afford to purchase.

Therefore, if we want to speed up the process of adoption of photovoltaic technology and consumption of solar energy at the mass level make, once and for all a reality, the major players in the sector, including companies and industry associations, media, political and public organizations, are obliged to join forces and work together on plans to: 1. development and implementation of local campaigns aimed at the education of the public on the benefits of the use of this wonderful technology that gives us so many benefits to the individual and collective levels.

2 development and implementation of a new energy policy that encourage consumption, eliminating absurd obstacles and tolls, which are only intended to ensure the sustainability of the huge profits that the electric lobby has been getting in recent decades.
Solar  Power
 3. development of funding programmes that facilitate that, those who know and want, they can acquire a photovoltaic installation in a simple way, without that you suppose to make a large initial outlay and that to offset your investment through savings generated in the electricity bill. Note: In this sense, you should regulate strictly the incentives that encourage speculation, giving priority to aid to those who need it most and eliminating any incentive that is not aimed at saving and energy efficiency.

4 investment in; d and vocational training, high level, allowing us to meet the growing demand - which inevitably would be generated after the implementation of paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 - as well as improving the competitiveness of companies in the sector, the implementation of these actions would mean, inevitably, in job creation (as required for Spain) and the development of a highly strategic sector, which after the campaign of demonization, undertaken by the Government of the PP in the past four years, has fallen into a well which is necessary to exit as soon as possible, for the good citizens and the future of the country.

Now, while we find out who will govern us over the next four years and therefore, that occurs in relation to point 3 this list, we cannot idly. It is our responsibility to do everything in our power, at least in those areas where if we have the opportunity to change things, such as: or training and citizenship education. or financing solutions. or the research and development of more efficient solutions. or the training of qualified professionals. Would it be easier with the help of the Government? Of course! Do you want to say that while we wait for a change of Government, there is nothing we can do? Not at all! I am convinced, like many of you, that the photovoltaic sector awaits a future pro