Sunday, January 31, 2016

IFS Applications

Brugarolas will implement IFS Applications in almost all of its business areas, in order to streamline the management of your finances, manufacturing, supply chain, CRM, maintenance, and human resources. It will also implement module technology business, which will allow the integration of systems, web services and mobile devices of the company. An informed decision, as it explains the signing, after four years of searching for the best alternative on the market.

The ERP solution will replace another of personal development that "so far fits perfectly to our production needs, but the rapid development of the company, as well as commercial, administrative and fiscal requirements of the different markets in which we work, have forced us to change strategy when it comes to meet all that demand", explains Juan Carlos Martínez , CFO of Brugarolas.

The company has currently a capacity of over 50,000 tonnes annual production and markets its products in 60 countries. With this project, it seeks to have the greatest possible visibility in the management of the enterprise with a single tool, and "we believe that it is which can be better adjusted to the new challenges and demands. Flexibility in the adaptation, commitment to new work environments, a cost according to featured and good commercial response received, have made our balance will tilt toward IFS Applications", says Alberto Guede, CIO of Brugarolas.

Connectis, IFS partner, will carry out the implementation.
IFS Applications
Congress will spend a total of 827.602 euros, according to the contract awarded January 12 by the Committee of the Permanent Council, in the purchase of 490 new tablets and 699 desktops destined to members and officials of the Chamber one day prior to the beginning of XI legislature.

The contract, whose date of formalisation is from next January 31, is divided in two lots: the first by 372.032 is intended to acquire 490 tablets with operating system IOS (Apple) and the second, for a cost of 455.570 euros for the purchase of 699 computers.

Tablets purchase have awarded the company Asseco Spain, whereas desktops have corresponded to the signature Random computer centre.

In the price of this second batch 4.230 euros will be deducted by repurchase of old equipment.

Camera justifies the purchase of Apple tablet that has developed various applications for mobile devices with IOS, the same system that have smart phones that are delivered to members.

As for the desktops, Congress detailed in the specification that most teams have more than five years old, therefore considers it necessary to renew the Park of computers with more than eight, that no longer can perform conveniently tasks required.

This agreement has not been the only recently awarded by the Committee of the Permanent Council, the Chamber has given marketer Natural gas contract of supply of electric power for the buildings of the Congress amounting to 2.774.734 euros for the next 23 months.

As stated in the notice of award, the percentage of green energy supply will be 100 per 100.

Natural gas has been imposed with a score of 100 points to Iberdrola, which has had 97,28.

Aura energy, with a 94,95 and Power Factor, with 87,42 points, were in third and fourth place, respectively.

From December 2014, the door of the Lions of the Congress looks like a new led lighting low-power installed thanks to the collaboration of Fundación Iberdrola.