Sunday, January 31, 2016

Renault Showroom

Embraced the idea that travel into space already is not only for a few chosen, several private companies have long developing space tourism projects. And one of which they are betting that "race" is the Spanish zero2infinity. His project is called Bloon and aspires to lead to four tourists up to 36,000 meters of altitude, considered the edge of space in a helium balloon without generating any environmental impact.

In fact zero2infinuty is a company created in Barcelona in 2009 devoted to the development of technologies that will allow access to the space in an efficient way and with zero environmental impact on its flights. Your driver is the aeronautical engineer José Mariano López Urdiales who has experience at MIT, ESA and Boeing. And from April 2015, the Spanish astronaut, Miguel López Alegría is also involved in the company.
With Bloon will try to climb a capsule with six people, four tourists and two crew members, who will be elevated by a stratospheric balloon with helium (similar to that used Felix Baumgartner for her in his famous stratospheric jump), up to 36,000 meters of altitude. At that point, considered the edge of space, travelers will remain two to three hours at that point, enjoying the curvature of the Earth and the infinite black space, before descending to Earth with a guided parachute attached to the capsule. Planned ESA that the flight has a total duration of five hours.
In addition to the space tourism program, zero2infinity has launched another project, Bloostar, to nano orbit satellites and micro-satellites with a system that reduces costs and is much less polluting.

If there is something that does not deceive in this life are the numbers, and the Renault Mégane from birth are very explicit. It presents the 4th generation of a model that has made history in Spain, where he has led the market on 12 occasions in the past 20 years. The new Renault Mégane is an authentic "made in Spain", continuing the path begun in 1995 by the factory of Palencia, which already collects more than 4 million units manufactured in the different bodies of the successful saga.

But figures aside, we have had the opportunity to try it in Portugal, and with this radical change, these figures should keep or overcome. The softness of the driving and the rapid response of their engines, especially that of the GT model, have made us enjoy and keep us wanting more. This latest version, there are four driving modes that can respond to the expectations of the different drivers: Sport, neutral, comfort and personal. The passage of the "Comfort" mode to "Sport" mode is very notable. The throttle response is more radical, change the Sportiness and shorter feels with the first reduction. And something that was very surprised us in this sporty version is good suspensions, going fast and feeling broken, despite not be adjustable or manually, or automatically road.

All surrounded by a much more attractive design than its predecessors, leaving a path clear to the Sportiness and exclusivity. The first thing that draws our attention is the distinctive light signature on the front and rear, both day and night. It may be one of the more distinctive this Renault Mégane. At the front, the form of C is equipped with LED technology with 3D effect light guide. High versions available of lighthouses full LED with automatic function of changing lights long/short (LED Pure Visión technology). In the rear, type LED lights are permanently on and draw a horizontal firm that runs through virtually all of the rear part. It offers 3D - provided by the technology Edge Light effect.

"We see again the signature that characterises the identity of Renault in the form of C, but in new Megane we wanted something more dramatic and daring, in a very competitive segment. The luminous form leaves lighthouse and enters the bumper, framing our brand identity and stressing it with pride. It gives the car a sharp and dynamic look and helps visually widen the front of the vehicle."

"The rear signature is inspired by the Light Painting. From the ends up to the central diamond, the bright line runs along the rear of the vehicle and accentuates the perceived width of the car, providing a 3D light thanks to the technology effect Edge Light. The 'Edge' that we have developed is a pure and crystalline complex optical system that allows light to pass through it with great precision, depth and sharpness."

In terms of the range of engines, the new Renault Mégane possibilities covering a wide range of needs, from everyday use, to the sporty driving pleasure. Available three engines are gasoline, a 100 HP TCe a TCe 130 CV that can be combined with a manual transmission six-speed or a dual-clutch seven-speed automatic and the GT version, which develops 205 HP only with an automatic transmission's clutch double and seven ratios. For the diesel range, four engines are offered in the Megane. A dCi 90 HP, a dCi 110 HP, which can be automatic, a dCi 130 HP and the GT version with diesel 165 HP and automatic transmission.

There are many improvements that accompany the launch of the most important car of the French brand, technology and with a wide variety of features. To repeat the successes of the past, without a doubt, this is the way.

Solar power technology

The 3 critical pillars for the rapid adoption of any new technology, are knowledge, love and power. Photovoltaics is no exception and therefore, if we want to accelerate their adoption and cross the dreaded "abyss" that separates a "early adoption" stage and reach the phase of 'massive adoption', we have much work which make terms of: know: until the majority of the population know enough about the photovoltaic technology and the many benefits provided by the use of solar panels to produce energy , as well as the use of batteries to accumulate and manage efficiently their consumption, we will not accelerate its adoption.

Reality, today, when we asked outsiders to the sector, is that they do not have much information, or what is worse, It has been transmitted to the idea that the installation of solar panels is, well solidarity with the rest of Internet users, or even illegal. Education and information honestly and objectively, is essential to accelerate this change.

 Love: that accelerates a change of mentality in the user in relation to the acquisition and use of a new technology, it has to be the will of the individual, something that may seem obvious, but that does not always produce when it comes to consumption.

When the great social mass is not aware of the advantages that can be obtained, hardly develop a desire to acquire and use this technology. If in addition, a level regulatory and legislative you put obstacles, the end user will fades almost instantly.

Want to, also has to do with the willingness of Governments and its reflection in terms of energy policy, oriented - or not, as in the case of Spain – to encourage the development of a distributed generation model, based on consumption.

Power: Finally, and although it might be too obvious, the massive adoption of any new technology, does not occur until the price of it does not descend to levels where the great social mass can afford to purchase.

Therefore, if we want to speed up the process of adoption of photovoltaic technology and consumption of solar energy at the mass level make, once and for all a reality, the major players in the sector, including companies and industry associations, media, political and public organizations, are obliged to join forces and work together on plans to: 1. development and implementation of local campaigns aimed at the education of the public on the benefits of the use of this wonderful technology that gives us so many benefits to the individual and collective levels.

2 development and implementation of a new energy policy that encourage consumption, eliminating absurd obstacles and tolls, which are only intended to ensure the sustainability of the huge profits that the electric lobby has been getting in recent decades.
Solar  Power
 3. development of funding programmes that facilitate that, those who know and want, they can acquire a photovoltaic installation in a simple way, without that you suppose to make a large initial outlay and that to offset your investment through savings generated in the electricity bill. Note: In this sense, you should regulate strictly the incentives that encourage speculation, giving priority to aid to those who need it most and eliminating any incentive that is not aimed at saving and energy efficiency.

4 investment in; d and vocational training, high level, allowing us to meet the growing demand - which inevitably would be generated after the implementation of paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 - as well as improving the competitiveness of companies in the sector, the implementation of these actions would mean, inevitably, in job creation (as required for Spain) and the development of a highly strategic sector, which after the campaign of demonization, undertaken by the Government of the PP in the past four years, has fallen into a well which is necessary to exit as soon as possible, for the good citizens and the future of the country.

Now, while we find out who will govern us over the next four years and therefore, that occurs in relation to point 3 this list, we cannot idly. It is our responsibility to do everything in our power, at least in those areas where if we have the opportunity to change things, such as: or training and citizenship education. or financing solutions. or the research and development of more efficient solutions. or the training of qualified professionals. Would it be easier with the help of the Government? Of course! Do you want to say that while we wait for a change of Government, there is nothing we can do? Not at all! I am convinced, like many of you, that the photovoltaic sector awaits a future pro

IFS Applications

Brugarolas will implement IFS Applications in almost all of its business areas, in order to streamline the management of your finances, manufacturing, supply chain, CRM, maintenance, and human resources. It will also implement module technology business, which will allow the integration of systems, web services and mobile devices of the company. An informed decision, as it explains the signing, after four years of searching for the best alternative on the market.

The ERP solution will replace another of personal development that "so far fits perfectly to our production needs, but the rapid development of the company, as well as commercial, administrative and fiscal requirements of the different markets in which we work, have forced us to change strategy when it comes to meet all that demand", explains Juan Carlos Martínez , CFO of Brugarolas.

The company has currently a capacity of over 50,000 tonnes annual production and markets its products in 60 countries. With this project, it seeks to have the greatest possible visibility in the management of the enterprise with a single tool, and "we believe that it is which can be better adjusted to the new challenges and demands. Flexibility in the adaptation, commitment to new work environments, a cost according to featured and good commercial response received, have made our balance will tilt toward IFS Applications", says Alberto Guede, CIO of Brugarolas.

Connectis, IFS partner, will carry out the implementation.
IFS Applications
Congress will spend a total of 827.602 euros, according to the contract awarded January 12 by the Committee of the Permanent Council, in the purchase of 490 new tablets and 699 desktops destined to members and officials of the Chamber one day prior to the beginning of XI legislature.

The contract, whose date of formalisation is from next January 31, is divided in two lots: the first by 372.032 is intended to acquire 490 tablets with operating system IOS (Apple) and the second, for a cost of 455.570 euros for the purchase of 699 computers.

Tablets purchase have awarded the company Asseco Spain, whereas desktops have corresponded to the signature Random computer centre.

In the price of this second batch 4.230 euros will be deducted by repurchase of old equipment.

Camera justifies the purchase of Apple tablet that has developed various applications for mobile devices with IOS, the same system that have smart phones that are delivered to members.

As for the desktops, Congress detailed in the specification that most teams have more than five years old, therefore considers it necessary to renew the Park of computers with more than eight, that no longer can perform conveniently tasks required.

This agreement has not been the only recently awarded by the Committee of the Permanent Council, the Chamber has given marketer Natural gas contract of supply of electric power for the buildings of the Congress amounting to 2.774.734 euros for the next 23 months.

As stated in the notice of award, the percentage of green energy supply will be 100 per 100.

Natural gas has been imposed with a score of 100 points to Iberdrola, which has had 97,28.

Aura energy, with a 94,95 and Power Factor, with 87,42 points, were in third and fourth place, respectively.

From December 2014, the door of the Lions of the Congress looks like a new led lighting low-power installed thanks to the collaboration of Fundación Iberdrola.